Light - Official music video

Light - Official music video

Video by Davide Arizzoli & Anja Temperli ♥️

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“Nothing is lost, nothing is gained. It’s the natural course that everything changes”

“You know much more than what you can put into thought”

“Here’s to the stories that must end. Let’s dance the dance of love and death”

Cover-art by Michelle Hurschler ♥️

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The band

Rooted in folk music, bound by friendship and inspired by a good sense of wonder. The Highs & Lows touch deep with thoughtful songs that explore the essence and beauty of life’s wild experiences.

The band was founded in 2019 between singer-songwriter Arjan Vriezen, classical violinist Cosima Bodien and singer/multi-instrumentalist Tilmann Silber. Since joined by singer/multi-instrumentalist Leila Erdin on bass.

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